Art AT the Park 2011!

Art in the Park – although it’s now being called Art AT the Park because the artists’ booths are set up around the perimeter of the park instead of inside the park – was a blast! It was a very successful venture for me which has spun off into a custom order or two, and hopefully many more! The day was extremely hot and sticky, but we took precautions to stay out of the sun. We set up an extra tent in back of the sales booth tent to shade us and my dad even brough a battery powered fan to blow air around. I can’t thank my family, friends and M enough for sitting with me for the entire day and helping me set up and take down. And not to mention the support they have given me throughout the year and rest of my lifetime as I have pursued my artistic dreams. I couldn’t have done it without them! 🙂

Some of the biggest hits at the show were the magnets and notecards. These items were new to the show this year and I think they will definitely become a staple in my future art shows. I sold nearly all of the magnets and many packs of notecards. A special thanks to my mom’s friend Teri for being so awesome and printing up the notecards! She also designed the business cards (there are 8 different designs!)

I was very happy to see my grandparents show up for the event. I was completely surprised to see them there since they rarely go to events like this. I think my grandma had a blast looking around at all the artists’ booths and she really enjoyed seeing me sell many items. Many other friends and family members came to Art at the Park as well and they really helped me make the event a happy memory.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my booth and all of my family and friends for making the event so special. I am hoping to expand my efforts next year and enter at least two more shows. Look for many new pieces of art throughout the year!


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