Weekend wrap-up

After taking a week off of training to prepare for Art at the Park  I had a good week of training. The week started off a little shaky with a very rough 3 mile run on Monday. It was very hot and I was pretty tired after working all day and expending a lot of energy all weekend at the art show. I redeemed myself with a good 4 miler on Tuesday. I’m getting a little worried about running the half marathon in the heat. This summer has been exceptionally hot and I’m having a tough time getting in many miles in this heat. I’m always tempted to hit the gym and run on the treadmill when it’s really hot outside so I’m not getting acclimated to the heat. If the day of the race is in the 90’s I’m gonna be in trouble. But the race is in mid September so I’m crossing my fingers for cooler, less-humid weather!

I had the day off of work on Wednesday and decided to attend a yoga for strenth class at the gym. It wasn’t exactly power yoga, but I could barely stand on my own two feet by the end of it. We held difficult poses for quite a while and really got a good leg workout. I will definitely go back to that class! I had planned to run after class but my legs were totally worn out by the end of the yoga class. I got out for a long-run on Thursday. My tentative plan is to increase my long-runs each week until I’m up to 13 miles and then I will taper my mileage. This week I ran 7 miles and I felt pretty strong. Next week I plan to run 9 miles for my long-run.

I worked on Friday and Saturday but I came home and ran 3 miles each day. That brought my total up to 20 miles for the week.

Right now I’m up in Door County enjoying a fun ‘Girls’ getaway’ with my mom and sisters. We are having a blast shopping, going out to dinner and relaxing. I will write all about it later this week!


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