Northwest vacation: part two!

Okay where was I…ah yes, Monday. Monday was our last full day in Oregon. We started the day off with a hike up Spencer’s butte. Up until now, the weather in Eugene had been gorgeous. Warm weather during the day, cooler at night, beautiful sun all day, not a cloud in the sky or any precipitation. Monday was not quite like that. During our hike up one of the most scenic spots that we saw (or almost saw) in Eugene, the weather decided to be overcast, foggy and cooler. The temperature wasn’t a problem – it was nice to have cooler temperatures while we were hiking – but our view of the surrounding valley was obscured by the fog. Oh well, we made the best of it and took cool misty pics on top of the butte. It was still very fun. The rest of the day was spent exploring downtown Eugene more while Dan taught music lessons. The guys ended the day by meeting up with Dan’s running group and going for a group run. They returned with dinner from Cafe Yumm! I had never heard of this chair of healthy fast-food restaurants before but I would love to have one around here. We eat got a yumm bowl which consisted of rice, beans, salsa, special yumm sauce, cheese, black olives and sour cream. It was delicious! M and I tried to recreate it when we got home.

The next morning we got up at the crack of dawn, packed up Dan’s car and headed out on an adventure to San Francisco to visit another friend. The three of us took the coastal highway all the way to San Fran. The journey took about 15 hours and two of it’s passengers ended up getting mildly car-sick…

Highway 1 was an amazing route to take for M and I who had never been to northern California before. The highway took us past the redwoods, through mountains and along the gorgeous coast of the Pacific ocean. The drive was harrowing at times (driving right along the coast which dropped off a hundred feet to the ocean! Switchbacks…) but ultimately it was a beautiful route to take and though it took 15 hours it was a great decision to drive highway 1. We arrived in San Fran around 9:30pm and headed out for dinner with David, the friend we were staying with.

Wednesday was spent touring San Francisco. We started the day out with a run in the Tennessee Valley. The guys ran together and I ran solo (I’m slow!) but it was a beautiful trail and I enjoyed the scenery and solitude. We met up on the beach and ran through waves a little and turned around to head back to the car. After the run we stopped at the Dipsea Cafe and had a fantastic breakfast. I had an avocado and bacon omlette with a giant cup of coffee. Mmm… After breakfast, we took a drive up Mount Tamalpais, the highest point on in the bay area. It probably wasn’t a great idea to drive up the winding route to the summit right after eating a big breakfast. My stomach doesn’t do well on such swisty roads, but the view was amazing. San Francisco Bay gets very foggy at times throughout the day, but it’s still sunny. On Mt. Tam we were above the fog and looking down on the bay was a cool sight. There was fog, sun and a full view of the bay area.  We went back to David’s house to shower and then we embarked on a tour of San Fran. We stopped at all the touristy spots – the Golden Gate bridge, the painted ladies, and fisherman’s warf. But we also saw some cool beaches and drove around the downtown. We had a cup of amazing chowder at the fisherman’s warf! Later that night we went to David’s father’s house for an awesome cookout. David invited a couple of his friends over and we had a delicious dinner of burgers on the patio. It was great to relax and enjoy some downtime after a busy day.

That pretty much brought our trip to an end. M and I had to head back on Thursday. We both didn’t want to go home. The trip was so much fun that we wished we could stay and the idea of returning to our jobs back in Wisconsin was sad compared to the wonderful time we had on the west coast. We will return!

Hope you are all well! Just one update…the half marathon is in ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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