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Hello again! It’s been a month since the half marathon and I’m refreshed and renewed to tackle another challenge. This time I have my sights set on a one mile holiday fun run. I ran the Santa Scamper in Appleton last year and finished in 6:56. This year I would like to set a goal of finishing in 6:50 or faster. M has written a training plan for me that includes workouts for faster, shorter distances. It will be different training for such a short race. I’m used to slogging through long runs at slow speeds but I think it will be fun to change gears and run faster and shorter. The Santa Scamper race will be held on November 22. I’m hoping for better weather this year…last year it was near freezing!

I’m starting my training plan with a 3-2-1 Fartlek workout today. I will do a one mile warm-up, run 3 minutes at a fast pace, 3 miles of a recovery jog, 2 minutes at a faster pace, 2 minutes recovery jog and then one minute at my target mile race pace, then a one mile cool down. I expect this workout to cover approximately 3-4 miles.

M designed my training plan around my new work schedule. I’m continuing to pick up hours at the nursing home and doing health assessments, but I work 3 days a week at a hospital in Green Bay from 8-4:30. M also got a new job in Green Bay as well. We live in Appleton and are able to carpool, but living further away from our workplaces and having to make two stops makes the commute about an hour each way. We have to leave the house around 7am and get back around 5:30pm. It cuts down on the number of hours per day that we can workout. M likes to get his run in before going to work and I really hate getting up extra early to run, so he gave me two “off days” each week which I take on the days I work in GB. That leaves just one day that I have to either get up early to run or wait til I get home. That day happens to be tomorrow…

Wish me luck with my new training plan!


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