end of week 3

It’s the end of my third week of Santa Scamper training and this has been an all-time high mileage week. I ran 25 miles this week! The week started out with a easy 3 miler on Monday. I ran right when I got home from work and it was time for trick-or-treating so it was fun to see little kids dressed up in costumes. I would have stayed home to hand out candy but no one comes to my apartment. I ran 4 miles during my two hour lunch break on Tuesday. I don’t normally have two hours off for lunch, but I did a health screening in the morning until 10:30 and then had to come back to do health coaching in the afternoon so I had two hours off in between scheduled health appointments so I was able to sneak in a run.

Wednesday was horribly cold and rainy so I didn’t run that day. I stayed dry inside the apartment. On Thursday I ran a tempo run workout. I was supposed to run 3 miles at 8:30-8:45/min pace with a one mile warm-up and cool-down, which I did, but I did it a little differently. I ran my warm-up, and then ran the first mile in 8:15. Definitely a lot faster than I was supposed to, and I paid for it. I was out of breath and needed to take a short break. Then I ran another mile in 8:16…same situation so I took another short break. Then I really went all-out and finished the last mile in 7:59. I was pretty tired after that. I don’t think I have a good feel for how fast I’m going. I didn’t want to run that fast, but I couldn’t tell what speed I was going until I realized I was running much too fast and ended up totally out of breath. I might need to take M with me on a few of these tempo runs to help pace me until I get a better feel for the speed.

Friday and Saturday were easy 3 milers, and today was a long run of 7 miles. I was beginning to feel a little weak around 2.5 miles but I toughed it out and finished the total 7 miles. It was a very nice weekend of weather for the beginning of November. And the extra hour of sleep didn’t hurt either! It feels good to be done and to have run a high mileage week. I’m looking forward to the Santa Scamper coming up!


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