Weekend wrap-up

After taking a week off of training to prepare for Art at the Park  I had a good week of training. The week started off a little shaky with a very rough 3 mile run on Monday. It was very hot and I was pretty tired after working all day and expending a lot of energy all weekend at the art show. I redeemed myself with a good 4 miler on Tuesday. I’m getting a little worried about running the half marathon in the heat. This summer has been exceptionally hot and I’m having a tough time getting in many miles in this heat. I’m always tempted to hit the gym and run on the treadmill when it’s really hot outside so I’m not getting acclimated to the heat. If the day of the race is in the 90’s I’m gonna be in trouble. But the race is in mid September so I’m crossing my fingers for cooler, less-humid weather!

I had the day off of work on Wednesday and decided to attend a yoga for strenth class at the gym. It wasn’t exactly power yoga, but I could barely stand on my own two feet by the end of it. We held difficult poses for quite a while and really got a good leg workout. I will definitely go back to that class! I had planned to run after class but my legs were totally worn out by the end of the yoga class. I got out for a long-run on Thursday. My tentative plan is to increase my long-runs each week until I’m up to 13 miles and then I will taper my mileage. This week I ran 7 miles and I felt pretty strong. Next week I plan to run 9 miles for my long-run.

I worked on Friday and Saturday but I came home and ran 3 miles each day. That brought my total up to 20 miles for the week.

Right now I’m up in Door County enjoying a fun ‘Girls’ getaway’ with my mom and sisters. We are having a blast shopping, going out to dinner and relaxing. I will write all about it later this week!


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Art AT the Park 2011!

Art in the Park – although it’s now being called Art AT the Park because the artists’ booths are set up around the perimeter of the park instead of inside the park – was a blast! It was a very successful venture for me which has spun off into a custom order or two, and hopefully many more! The day was extremely hot and sticky, but we took precautions to stay out of the sun. We set up an extra tent in back of the sales booth tent to shade us and my dad even brough a battery powered fan to blow air around. I can’t thank my family, friends and M enough for sitting with me for the entire day and helping me set up and take down. And not to mention the support they have given me throughout the year and rest of my lifetime as I have pursued my artistic dreams. I couldn’t have done it without them! 🙂

Some of the biggest hits at the show were the magnets and notecards. These items were new to the show this year and I think they will definitely become a staple in my future art shows. I sold nearly all of the magnets and many packs of notecards. A special thanks to my mom’s friend Teri for being so awesome and printing up the notecards! She also designed the business cards (there are 8 different designs!)

I was very happy to see my grandparents show up for the event. I was completely surprised to see them there since they rarely go to events like this. I think my grandma had a blast looking around at all the artists’ booths and she really enjoyed seeing me sell many items. Many other friends and family members came to Art at the Park as well and they really helped me make the event a happy memory.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my booth and all of my family and friends for making the event so special. I am hoping to expand my efforts next year and enter at least two more shows. Look for many new pieces of art throughout the year!

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Farmers Market!

This week hasn’t been very interesting as far as exercise has gone. I’ve started working full-time and my days off have been spent finishing up last minute details for Art in the Park. It’s tomorrow! I’m so excited and I will have a full report next week.

Today M and I stopped at the Appleton Farmers Market. I brought my camera along but didn’t take nearly enough pictures of the event. The Farmers Market has grown to be a full-out festival each Saturday morning throughout the summer and fall. There are vendors who sell everything from locally grown organic produce to coffee stands and craft booths. I might consider selling my artwork there next summer. M and I really like to buy organic produce whenever possible, and supporting local farmers is a great way to do that. The produce is usually cheaper and much fresher than the stuff  you can find in the supermarket. We bought a pint of blueberries and raspberries. Next time we are going to make a list of the items we need before we go!

I stopped at a craft stand and found little green and gold glittered paper mustaches on a popsicle stick – ‘Packer Mustaches’ – only in Wisconsin!

I also bought a bunch of sunflowers. I love sunflowers and can’t resist buying them, especially when they are 6 for $5 – what a deal! I brought them back home in a nalgene bottle of water. They really cheer up the apartment and will be a great source of subject matter to paint! I really like painting sunflowers 🙂


I expect to hit my training hard next week. I don’t have many more weeks left before the 1/2 marathon. I need to start getting some long runs in. M started a new training program with a new coach this week so he’s been busy too. We booked our plane tickets for our vacation this week as well. We will be flying to Portland, Oregon, staying with a friend in Eugene, then driving down to San Francisco to stay with another friend and flying home. It is going to be a blast!

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Happy hour

I wrapped up last week with 20 total miles. It felt good to be back on track with my mileage. This week is going to be a little different. Art in the Park is on Sunday and I’m going to be using most of my free time to get ready for the big day. Like today, for example. After work I finished up three paintings of cocktails that I had started on Sunday. Instead of getting in a few miles I chose to prepare for the show. And these paintings are so happy and fun. I really enjoyed painting them. I like the colors and fun subject matter. I think these paintings would look perfect in someone’s kitchen, or bar area.





Yesterday I attended a Bodyflow class at Gold’s Gym. It’s a blend of tai chi, yoga and pilates and it’s set to music. It wasn’t exactly a tough workout, but it was a nice change of pace. I really like doing yoga and I would love to take a yoga class, but there aren’t any offered when I’m free. There’s a Bodyflow Level 2 class on Friday and I think I’m going to try it out. I know nothing about tai chi, so that was a little awkward. I had to keep watching everyone to get the moves right, but it flows pretty quickly so it was tough. We used the tai chi portion as a warmup before diving into the stretching and balance of yoga, and the lengthening and toning of pilates.

I’m not sure what the rest of the week will bring in terms of running and working out, but I plan to go to Bodyflow 2 at least. I will have to get back into it next week!

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Back in the 20’s!

I made it up to 20 miles again! It’s been several weeks since I was able to run at least 20 miles in a week. Things have been so busy, hot or just too chaotic to fit in more miles. I also could have been more motivated, but I wasn’t. This week I really stuck to a schedule and squeezed in 20 miles. Yesterday I went to the gym and ran an easy 4 miles. That went pretty well. Today I got home from work and decided to brave the weather and ran an easy 3 miles outside. It was still very hot out, but cooler than it has been all week. Frankly I was getting a little sick of the gym and needed a break from the treadmill. I wouldn’t have wanted to run more than three miles outside today, but I made it. I’m not sure if I will run again this weekend, but if I have time and energy I will try to!

Tonight M and I are going to see Captain America! I’m looking forward to going to a movie for a date night! Have a good night!

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Running at the gym

I sound like a broken record, but the heat wave continues. Because I’m not acclimated to running in this kind of heat and humidity, yesterday I ran indoors at the gym again. I ran 5 miles and then did a weight lifting session with M. This time I eased up on the squats and my legs feel fine today. I plan to go to the gym again today and run 4 miles. That will bring my weekly mileage up to 17 miles. Not too bad considering it’s only Thursday and I have the rest of the weekend to continue adding more miles. I work this weekend so I wanted to get the bulk of my mileage in on my days off. I start my full-time hours next week so it will be interesting to see how I will work my training schedule around more hours of work. Most other people work full-time and are still able to train, so it shouldn’t be too tough, right?

I’m getting excited for Art in the Park! I think I have enough paintings ready to sell, but I painted two more little paintings of cupcakes anyway. I think they are so cute and someone else might really like them too! Cupcake art seemed to be really popular last year.

I also painted tiny 2″x2″ paintings and glued magnets on the back so that they can be hung up on the fridge. These were really fun to paint. They are so small that they didn’t take very long to paint and I could do many of them in an afternoon. I hung them all up on my fridge to see how they hold up and they looked and worked great. I hope they go over well at the art show!


Stay cool!


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Getting things done

The heat wave of 2011 continues. I heard it’s going to be even worse tomorrow! Hopefully my air conditioning unit doesn’t die out from overuse. Of course it was too hot to run outside today so I went to the gym again and ran 5 miles on the treadmill. I don’t know if there is much of a difference between types of treadmills but the one I ran on today was better than the one I used yesterday. I ran at the same pace but it seemed much easier today. That might sound kind of crazy, but it’s just something I noticed. I also don’t like the little TVs that are on the front of the treadmill. I thought it was a great idea at first, but then I realized that the screen seems too close to comfortably watch anything on it. It more distracting than anything else, and not in a good way. Also, half the time it seems like they don’t even work. Is it just me, or does that happen to a lot of people?

This morning I went with my Grandma to have her cataract surgery. Everything went smoothly and I was back home by 10. Then I went to the gym. After that I ate some lunch and went to a few galleries to pick up paintings for Art in the Park, and then got my haircut. I got about five inches off and my hair is still long. I didn’t even realize how long my hair was until I saw it all laying on the floor! I think my new haircut is cute and it feels so much lighter and cooler. And in this kind of heat, anything helps! The rest of the day will be spent updating my website, blogging, assembling

Here are a few of the paintings that I picked up from the galleries.



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